24 Hour Hotline

Mission – In partnership  with the community, HYC raises awareness and meets the needs of homeless youth so they can stay in school and graduate.  HYC's long term vision and ongoing goals are to provide homeless teens with housing, basic needs and services as they make positive, life-affirming choices toward becoming responsible, productive adults.  In partnership with West Valley educators, government agencies, faith-based organizations, and compassionate community members and donors, HYC is helpng to bring a positive future to this nearly forgotten population.

Pictures from this year's Key to Hope Charity Event are now available here!



By law, “homeless” is defined as lacking a “fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence.” A homeless youth might be living among the homes of friends and relatives, in a shelter, a group home, a vehicle or on the streets.

Studies show 75 percent of homeless or runaway youths have dropped out or will drop out of school. The Homeless Youth Connection strives to prevent this.